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11 March 2009 @ 09:08 pm
Cruel concerto of Cs #3  

Title: Cruel Concerto of Cs

Length: Chaptered (3/?)
Author: Sacch
Rating: G (for now)
Summary: If you were to fall in love with your own reflection in the mirror, then you would be called a narcissist, after the tragic Narcissus in ancient Greek tales—but if you were to fall in love with your own soul, then what does that make you?

A/N: ano, first time posting there, so hello everybody! one of my readers suggested that i should post this story here too, so thought i'd try.^^'

Triple Cs: #1, #2

Chapter 3 -I was afraid of all those and more, crying myself to sleep should I encounter any of them in my nightmares. But the most scariest thing of all was not any of those many monsters that lurk in waiting; it was the thought of being separated from my brother.